Sunday, August 14, 2011

Going backwards, with a forward outlook!

Apparently, Karl Marx thought that once humans push capitalism to its extreme and realise how horrible it is, they will, naturally and in an informed manner, change their societies back into the communal style societies we started from.

The idea was that we would evolve. We would not be going backwards, because we would be choosing a more simple, natural life rather than the industrialised horror we have created. We would be moving forward into a way of life we have chosen (neither Lenin nor Mao, understood this, it seems!)

Regardless of whether Marx actually thought this, I think that time has come. For me at least.

I have embarked on an interesting journey to try and live a more natural life. The journey is long, and difficult, and I get the sense from where I sit at the moment, that the truly natural life that I am envisioning is impossible. Nevertheless, I think the journey is valuable.

The first step is health. I'm trying to eat healthy wholesome foods. I'm experimenting with walking barefoot (however, in China this requires minimalist shoes, rather than actually barefoot - I know what your thinking, but spitting is just too popular here!) Both of these steps (pardon the pun) are about allowing my body to start to revert to it's natural state, to start to repair itself.

After 4 weeks of healthy eating, I can say that the process is working. I feel different, I feel healthier. I've lost large amounts of weight (I'm guessing mostly sludge from my intestines!), I am more alert and I can concentrate for hours, rather than minutes!

After a week in the minimalist shoes, well, my feet hurt, but in a good way. I'm using muscles in my feet, ankles and calves that have never been used! Plus, even after a week, I am gaining control and movement over all of my toes...

I have even experimented with a natural skin cancer cure. I don't have skin cancer (at least i hope I don't!) rather I had a small sun spot that could have potentially become cancer. Anyway, I tried the natural alternative to having the doctor burn a hole in my face with a liquid nitrogen. It worked. It sought out the damaged abnormal cells and killed them. It still left a hole in my face, but after 1 week it is already healed (panic not, my friends, my ruggish good looks have remained).

So why am I telling you all this? I'm hoping to stimulate thought on these issues. The diet seems obvious, and everyone knows what is good and bad. But the barefoot walking and alternative treatments are less understood. I think everyone should investigate these things. Think about our long history as humans. We have been barefoot for tens of thousands of years, there must be a reason for that! We have also been healing ourselves from illness, without the need of very expensive, dangerous, laboratory drugs and surgeries.

So, if you have weak ankles, shin splints, bad knees, a sore back, toes that you can't move without using your hands... look into minimalist shoes.

If you have skin cancer, of any degree of severity, see a Doctor. Ask them how they will fix it. Ask them if they can remove just the abnormal cells, or whether they will just burn indiscriminately hoping for the best. Then research "black salve".

Do the research, use your intelligence, make your own decisions. Don't let "experts" dictate your future, choose it for yourself.

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Isa said...

Hmm, a quick Google search reveals that the TGA has banned it as a cancer treatment in Australia. I guess by an almost-cancer you are talking about a bcc, or basal cell carcinoma?

I have to say I am sceptical. Though I am a big believer in the power of the mind and have had good results with telling my body that it simply cannot get sick when I feel myself coming down with something before an important event I think if it was cancer I'd be a bit more conservative in my treatment. Having said that, my uncle who was diagnosed with a multiple myloma in 2005 has been treating it using only trafitional Chinese herbal medicine and positive thinking, and his levels are remaining stable, so that's good news for all of us.

I don't know if I believe in 'miracle' cures themselves, but the belief in the cures is worth a fair bit. The power of the human mind is amazing.

By the way, welcome back to the Blogosphere :-)